Play the Solitaire Klondike card game and choose the difficulty of the hands you play : easy, hard, very hard! or random! Draw 1 or 3 cards, and Vegas mode!


Play Solitaire (also known by the names Patience and Klondike). Choose the game mode and difficulty level of your game.

Very faithful to the original, all the rules are followed:
  • Draw 1 of 3 cards.
  • Standard or Vegas scoring.
  • King required to fill an empty column.
  • Alternate colors.

HD Graphics

Easy to learn, very fluid and rapid gameplay, includes animations for realistic atmosphere, with attractive design.

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A very thorough game

  • Do you want to play a game and be sure that there will be a solution? Choose the Easy, Intermediate, Difficult, and Very Difficult modes, and play hands with increasing difficulty but which still have a possible solution.
  • Choose the Winnable mode and play hands of random difficulty which will nevertheless always have a possible solution. That way you won't be stuck looking for a solution that doesn't exist!
  • Choose Random mode to play under real conditions with a random card draw and possibly no solution!
EryodSoft Solitaire

An highly customizable application

Many options on game and interface are available:
  • Draw 1 of 3 cards.
  • Standard or Vegas scoring.
  • Left-handed mode.
  • Automatic end of games.
  • And many others...

An application that will allow you to progress

Are you stuck?
  • Ask for help using the tip feature which will show you the next playable moves.
  • Cancel any number of moves and try out new moves.
  • That way you'll be able to finish even the most difficult hands!

A statistics section is included in the application, allowing you to monitor your performances.
For beginners, a section explaining the rules of Solitaire and giving some game tips is also integrated into the application.